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Fish sounds database

History of the Tide by Arjen Mulder

Tidal Naming

(in Sami-Norwegian): list of words of actions, sounds and phenonoma in relation to the tide and sea:

Water Resistance. Interesting Sonic Acts discussion on rivers and the struggles of people living near water (Ameneh Solati on the people of the marsh lands in south Iraq, Menna Agha on the Nubians along the Nile). Menna Agha mentions the 'naming' of the different sounds and rhythms that Nubians did when they talked about the water wheel, their central technology.

Rhythm Theory

Brian Massumi on life forms (vitality affects) and rhythm. Part of the book 'Information Is Alive' I edited with Joke Brouwer in 2003.

Massumi's text is on p. 142 - 151. the link:


The Tidal Zone


The Tidal Sense

The Tidal Sense by artist Signe Lidén is a trajectory of works first conceived as a large-scale sounding canvas stretched through the intertidal zone on the shore of Ramberg, a fishing village on the Flakstad island of Lofoten in the North of Norway. Over several weeks, this 28-metre long canvas performed as a recording instrument that researched the relationships between the tide, rhythm, sensing, and long-term thinking. The Tidal Sense was later installed within the Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF) exhibition in 2019 as an 8-channel sound sculpture that played back recordings from the intertidal zone at Ramberg through the canvas membrane. By initiating the work, the artist was asking: ‘How could “the tidal” make sense as a figure of long-term thinking?’ and ‘What would constitute a “tidal sense” in itself?’.

These questions were also the starting point for various recorded conversations between the artist, sixth-grade pupils in Ramberg school, and scholars Grace Dillon (Indigenous Studies and Literature), Arjen Mulder (Biology and Media Theory), and Geir Olve Skeie (Neurology and Music) – a compilation of which formed a podcast work produced by Peter Meanwell.

The Tidal Sense (I), podcast accompanying the art project The Tidal Sense and seminar "Thinking Tide, Sensing Scale"

As a continuation of these conversations, more voices came into play in a BBC radio 3 bradcast The Tidal Sense from 2021, produced by Chris Elcombe. The boradcast feature poet Roseanne Watt, neurobiologist Michael Hastings, historian and kayaker David Gange in addition to Grace Dillon and Arjen Mulder.

The Tidal Sense, radio broadcast: